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Dr. Tom Reader


Dr Tom Reader is a lecturer in Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has held this post since 2010, and directs an MSc course on Organisational and Social Decision-Making in the Department of Social Psychology. He studied for his Honours Degree (2004, 1st class) and PhD in Psychology (2008) at the University of Aberdeen, and is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society.

Dr Reader publishes, presents, and consults on the topic of risk and organisational psychology in ‘high-risk’ industrial settings (e.g. aviation, medicine, finance, energy). His research develops theory and practice for using organisational psychology to explain industrial accidents, and has resulted in over 25 peer-review publications. More specifically, Dr Reader’s research examines how i) organisational culture shapes risk-related decision-making, ii) group dynamics influence team evaluations of risk, iii) decision-making is influenced by problem-type and organisational environments (e.g. time pressure), iv) decision-making across a system influence organisational outcomes, and v) decision-making can be observed and assessed in ‘live’ environments. Methodologically, Dr Reader utilises a range of techniques, and is especially experienced in systematic literature reviewing, qualitative interviewing and observations, incident analysis, and large-scale organisational surveys. Over his career, Dr Reader has been awarded over £300,000s of career research funding (e.g. from the Leverhulme Trust), and has managed consultancy work (e.g. in aviation, healthcare, finance) for a total value of £250,000s. Dr Reader has previously worked in the offshore sector, and is a former risk advisor to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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